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Friday, March 12, 2004


An Explanation and Honest Review of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ"

Some of you will find a most unusual, but brutally honest, appraisal of Mel Gibson's movie here. Please know that although I did find it to be horridly antisemitic, it was not of Mel Gibson's doing. Mel Gibson's intent was to tell the truth as it was written. He did and did it so well that its real meaning was an intense clarification of the truth. It was the New Testament written by Rome for use against Jews and Later Christians alike.

I went into the movie with a completely open mind, trusting in the goodness of the man I THOUGHT Mel Gibson was, to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Having seen it once, it stunned me with its clarity, but to try and be as historically accurate as I could, I saw it a second time to note if I had missed anything. If there was any doubt at all as to what my eyes beheld after reading it over and over for years, the doubt is totally removed and clearly, what was on that screen was the beginning in earnest of the Jewish Holocaust.
Q. WHO Killed Christ?
Q. How do you know?
A. Morality continues to exist. Conscience exists.
The Lord, My G-d, harshly condemned human sacrifice because we are fashioned after His own Image. He did not allow the sacrifice of Isaac at his father's hand. It does not, therefore, stand to reason that this same G-d would especially create and deliver up a human being for sacrifice when the example that was used in the Old Testament to stop this forever was the girlchild of the last Hebrew to offer up a human sacrifice. The punishment for the sin, the loss of a beloved child, was all the more painful than the death itself because G-d did NOT want to ever have such a thing done by Hebrews any more.
Why then, would He use ANY child, since we carry G-d within us everywhere all the time, to make murderers of the whole world? If that was how G-d did things, and we were never meant to endure punishment for our own sins ever again, why love, hate, fear or follow the Lord at all?
Do you not see how the Romans diminished the Glory of G-d in this atrocity? To murder His OWN SON in cold blood?
AND Rome exists to try and make sure that a Moshiach cannot possibly come by strangling our faith and precluding our worthiness for redemption by inventing original sin that is supposed to include us all.
The movie was about ROME'S antisemitism. Rome tried to recreate Jews in their own image, but only the weak and the power hungry followed the path laid out for them. It gained them no respect among Real Jews or among Romans who hated them for no other reason than Jews frowned upon Rome's *enlightened* lifestyle with its multipurpose gods and goddesses and its debauchery.
Why would we ever want to be remade in a false image when we were already made in G-d's OWN image? It presented a clearer picture of the *why* such a crucifixion was ever written about, and the absolutely chilling realization that with this introduction of horror into the pesky religious Jews' daily lives, Rome made absolutely sure that this, the beginning of the genocide of the Jews, became a holocaust that would never end for all of time.
The leaders of this church made exceedingly sure that Rome's way of life, the unnatural lack of marriage, homosexuality, pedophilia, women as chattel, which religious Jews could never have accepted, would go on and they continue to rid the world of as many Jews as they could even as they were going on to usurp and devour other cultures, other religions, in very much the same way. There are whole peoples who have no history because it was stolen from them. That's YOU.
Rome's adversity to birth control and abortion isn't for humane reasons. It is to see to it that more Catholics are born to carry on their traditions which everyday Christians still do not understand even though it becomes more clear with each passing day.
Having believed within my own soul that the Christ Rome manufactured, was in truth, John the Baptist, The Passion made it more clear than I ever thought possible. You would not find this very realistic if you have no historical background to check the facts, however, I do. John was murdered for doing exactly what this Christ was to have done. He fought vehemently against the petty rules of the Great Sanhedrin (which comes from a Greek word meaning sitting together, (or council,) and against the evil High Priest Caiaphas for selling out his people to Rome, much the same way our leaders have tried to sell us out and have had us murdered via The Altadena, Oslo, Wye, Rabbi Kahane OBM, and so many more. Out of a council of 71, only 9 were portrayed as so evil they would condemn an innocent man in the dark of night in secret. Always, it has been thus. The higher G-d trying to be brought down and slain by MEN who wanted a power they could never hope to possess.
In this movie, I watched Rome brutally torture, mutilate, scourge, and ultimately slay a JEW THEY claimed was our Messiah after they realized that the process by which they had been trying to absorb the Jews into the Hellenistic culture would never work. You all know what a metaphor is. Jesus was a metaphor for JEW. What they could not change, they destroyed, stole our land and our holy Temple artifacts which are still in possession of the Vatican. It never stopped them from their quest to obliterate any culture different from theirs, and I am NOT talking about the Christianity you think you know.
As was their wont, they picked one of our most meaningful Holy Days to perpetrate this image of horror and evil on. We have never been able to celebrate our freedom from Egypt without seeing plays, ashes, tears, masses, and finally movies about the horrors that Rome passed on so excruciatingly by offering the new believers, not Jews but Gentiles...Muslims, Celts, Druids, Gauls, Norse, Spaniards, African Tribes, Island Tribes, Brits...graphic and terrifying details of the murdered Lord, King of the Jews, a man sacrificed like no other among crucifixions. And Rome began at the moment they published their first version of this to destroy The Law and cause their sins to become yours because they said, and too many believed, that the *Old* Covenant was dead.
The Vatican continues to be Rome, and the Romans continue to live with their old ways, condescendingly adapting first one and then another culture's holy days into a Roman Catholic holy day, and teach their converts to hate their brethren until they rid Rome of themselves. The remnant which remains is hardly enough for Rome to blink an eye at, so on and on they went until they murdered and destroyed every culture it came into contact with.
This slaughter did not stop with just non-Christians. In the bygone days they were far too evil to hide their cruelty. If you were the most righteous Cardinal on this earth and it was perceived by the leaders in Rome that your followers had come to care much too much about you, they put you on trial, called your followers satanists, and it wasn't long before your name became simultaneous with Satan, aka Lucifer, a Catholic Cardinal, and his followers who underwent an inquisition for worshipping the devil. The good did not understand. The moral were viciously attacked.

Who made the decision to murder the Jews?


"...they rose in a spirit of cruelty against the Jewish people scattered throughout these cities and slaughtered them without mercy, especially in the Kingdom of Lorraine, asserting it to be the beginning of their expedition and their duty against the enemies of the Christian faith. This slaughter of Jews was done first by citizens of Cologne. These suddenly fell upon a small band of Jews and severely wounded and killed many; they destroyed the houses and synagogues of the Jews and divided among themselves a very large, amount of money. When the Jews saw this cruelty, about two hundred in the silence of the night began flight by boat to Neuss. The pilgrims and crusaders discovered them, and after taking away all their possessions, inflicted on them similar slaughter, leaving not even one alive."
"...Emico and the rest of his band held a council and, after sunrise, attacked the Jews in the hall with arrows and lances. Breaking the bolts and doors, they killed the Jews, about seven hundred in number, who in vain resisted the force and attack of so many thousands. They killed the women, also, and with their swords pierced tender children of whatever age and sex. The Jews, seeing that their Christian enemies were attacking them and their children, and that they were sparing no age, likewise fell upon one another, brother, children, wives, and sisters, and thus they perished at each other's hands. Horrible to say, mothers cut the throats of nursing children with knives and stabbed others, preferring them to perish thus by their own hands rather than to be killed by the weapons of the uncircumcised."
"Just at that time, there appeared a certain soldier, Emico, Count of the lands around the Rhine, a man long of very ill repute on account of his tyrannical mode of life. Called by divine revelation, like another Saul, as he maintained, to the practice of religion of this kind, he usurped to himself the command of almost twelve thousand cross bearers. As they were led through the cities of the Rhine and the Main and also the Danube, they either utterly destroyed the execrable race of the Jews wherever they found them (being even in this matter zealously devoted to the Christian religion) or forced them into the bosom of the Church."
"... rumor had reached and forewarned the ears of King Coloman; a rumor that, to the minds of the Teutons, there was no difference between killing pagans and Hungarians.
And thus the men of our race, zealous, doubtless, for God, though not according to the knowledge of God, began to persecute other Christians while yet upon the expedition which Christ had provided for freeing Christians."
Spanish Inquisition:
In 1478 when, at the request of the Spanish sovereigns Ferdinand and Isabella, Pope Sixtus IV (1471-84) issued a papal bull allowing for the creation of the Spanish Inquisition. It lasted until it was "abolished" in 1834, although its most fervent activity was during the 15th and 16th centuries.
The Spanish Inquisition brought about "a reign of terror throughout Europe" which was responsible for the impoverishment, exile, and death of countless Jews, Muslims, and "heretical" Christians. Jews were singled out for persecution because of their identity as Jews. Concepts of an inquisition and inquisitorial procedure lie deep in the roots of world history. Inquisitions were used during the decline of the Roman Empire until the Spanish Inquisition's decline in the 19th century. The Inquisitions in both Spain and Portugal were run by both civil and church authorities in order to root out non-believers from a nation or religion.
Many people don't realize that very serious persecution began in Spain in the year 613 CE. Jews were given the options of either leaving Spain or converting to Christianity. Jewish children over 6 years of age were taken from their parents and given a Christian education.
The Spanish Inquisition's reign of terror was abolished by King Bonaparte in 1834, but it wasn't until January of 1968 when the files of the Office of the Inquisition at the Vatican were closed.

New World:

• Being a part of the Inquisition had its privileges and rewards, and in this scarce publication the Holy Office lists all the religious indulgences that members and employees are entitled to. These range from plenary indulgences for dying while carrying out Inquisition business to Inquisitors having the power to lift excommunications imposed by clerics not part of the Holy Office.

The typography of the “title-page” is handsome and uses different printers flowers to form a three-layered border around the type. Also contained within the border, but above the title, is a large woodcut of one version of the coat of arms of the Inquisition.

German society in the 1930s was permeated by antisemitism, racism, a utopian vision of humanity organized under German hegemony, and a deep-seated and basic callousness towards human life. All of these elements contributed to the form of warfare waged by Nazi Germany and were themselves reinforced by the war. Large and varied segments of this society accepted the basic tenet that the Jews had to disappear. Although the way to effect this disappearance was not clear, humanitarian considerations were in any case irrelevant.
In this atmosphere, the idea of encouraging Jews to emigrate evolved into a policy of deportation, then brutal deportation, and finally deportation for the purpose of murder. It is not clear whether Hitler instigated these developments or simply allowed them to happen, as his underlings on various levels took independent initiatives in order to interpret and carry out their superiors' wishes. When the SS and other agencies, including the army, efficiently murdered hundreds of thousands of Jews during the invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, Hitler knew that the option of total annihilation had become feasible. Over the next half-year, plans for the construction of extermination camps were made and their implementation began. The origin of the idea of murdering all the Jews is not clear, even though passages in Hitler's book Mein Kampf suggest that such an order might eventually be given. In view of the nature of the Nazi bureaucracy, the order itself had to have come from Hitler, but its implementation was the handiwork of many tens of thousands, with the acquiescence of millions.


70 C.E. Destruction of Jerusalem 1,100,000 Jews were killed and 97,000 taken into slavery and captivity.
115 C.E. Rebellion of the Jews in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Cyrene and Cyprus. Jews and Romans inflicted many barbaric atrocities on each other, causing the death of several hundreds of thousands of Romans and Jews.
132-35 C.E. The Bar Kochba rebellion (Bar Kochba was a false Messiah). Caused the death of 500,000 Jews; thousands were sold into slavery or taken into captivity.
135 C.E. Roman Emperor Hadrian commenced his persecution of the Jews. Jerusalem established as a pagan city. Erection of a Jupiter temple on the temple mountain (Moriah) and a temple to Venus on Golgotha. Jews were forbidden to practice circumcision, the reading of the Law, eating of unleavened bread at Passover or any Jewish festival. infringement of this edict brought the death penalty.
315 C.E. Constantine the Great established "Christianity" as the State religion throughout the Roman Empire; issued many anti-Jewish laws.
379-95 C.E. Theodosius the Great expelled Jews from any official gate position or place of honor. Permitted the destruction of their synagogues if by so doing, it served a religious purpose.
613 C.E. Persecution of the Jews in Spain. All Jews who refused to be baptized had to leave the country. A few years later the remaining Jews were dispossessed, declared as slaves and given to pious "Christians" of position. All children 7 years or over were taken from their parents and given to receive a "Christian" education.
1096 C.E. Bloody persecutions of the Jews at the beginning of the First Crusade, in Germany. Along the cities on the Rhine River alone, 12,000 Jews were killed. The Jews were branded second only to the Moslems as the enemies of Christendom.
1121 C.E. Jews driven out of Flanders (now part of Belgium). They were not to return nor to be tolerated until they repented of the guilt of *killing* Jesus Christ.
1130 C.E. The Jews of London had to pay compensation of 1 million marks for allegedly killing a sick man.
1146-47 C.E. Renewed persecution of the Jews in Germany at the beginning of the Second Crusade. The French Monk, Rudolf, called for the destruction of the Jews as an introduction to the Second Crusade. It was only because of the intervention of Emperor Conrad who declared Nuerenberg and a small fortress as places of refuge for the Jews, and that of Abbot Bernard of Clairvaux, that the result was not quite as devastating as at the time of the First Crusade.
1181 C.E. French King Philip banished the Jews from his domain. They were permitted to sell all movable possessions, but the immovable such as land and houses reverted to the king. Seven years later he called the Jews back.
1189 At the coronation of Richard the Lionhearted, unexpected persecution of the Jews broke out in England. Most Jewish houses in London were burned, and many Jews killed. All possessions of the Jews were claimed by the Crown. Richard's successor alone, relieved the Jews of more than 8 million marks.
1215 C.E. At the IV Lateran Church Council, restrictions against the Jews by the church of Rome were issued.
1290 C.E. Edward I banished the Jews from England. 16,000 Jews left the country.
1298 C.E. Persecution of the Jews in Franconia, Bavaria and Austria. The Nobleman Kalbfleish alleged that he had received a divine order to destroy all the Jews. 140 Jewish communities were destroyed, and more than 100,000 Jews were mercilessly killed.
1306 King Philip the Fair banished the Jews from France. 100,000 Jews left the country.
1320 C.E. In France, 40,000 shepherds dedicated themselves for the Shepherd Crusade to free Palestine from the Moslems. Under the influence of criminals and land speculators, they destroyed 120 Jewish communities.
1321 C.E. Jews were accused of having incited outlaws to poison wells and fountains in the district of Guienne, France. 5,000 Jews were burned at the stake.
1348 C.E. Jews were blamed for the plague throughout Europe, especially in Germany. In Strausberg 2,000 Jews were burned. In Maintz 6,000 were killed in most gruesome fashion, and in Erfut 3,000; and in Worms 400 Jews burned themselves in their homes.
1370 C.E. Jews were blamed for having defiled the "Host" (wafer used in the Mass) in Brabant. The accused were burned alive. Again, all Jews were banned from Flanders and until the year 1820, every 15 years a feast was kept to celebrate the event.
1391 C.E. Persecutions in Spain. In Seville and 70 other Jewish communities, the Jews were cruelly massacred and their bodies dismembered.
1394 C.E. Second banishment of Jews from France.
1453 C.E. The Franciscan monk, Capistrano, persuaded the King of Poland to withdraw all citizens' rights of the Jewish people.
1478 C.E. The Spanish inquisition directed against the Jews.
1492 C.E. The banishment of Jews from Spain. 300,000 Jews who refused to be "baptized" into the Church of Rome left Spain penniless. Many migrated to the *Muslim country, Turkey, where they found tolerance and a welcome.
*Note: This alliance between Muslims and Jews lasted until the Church formed an uneasy partnership with Muslim Leaders who were convinced by political propaganda that they each had a common enemy, i.e., the Jews.
1497 C.E. Banishment of the Jews from Portugal. King Manuel, generally friendly to the Jews, under pressure from Spain instigated forced baptism to keep the Jews. 20,000 Jews desired to leave the country. Many were ultimately declared slaves.
1516 C.E. First Ghetto established in Venice.

Venice Ghetto

1540 C.E. Banishment of Jews from Naples and 10 years later, from Genoa and Venice.
1794 C.E. Restriction of Jews in Russia, Jewish men were forced to serve 25 years in the Russian military. Many hundreds of thousands of Jews left Russia.
1846-78 C.E. All former restriction, against the Jews in the Vatican State were re-inforced by Pope Pius IX.
1903 C.E. Renewed restrictions of Jews in Russia. Frequent pogroms (massacres); general impoverishment of Russian Jewry.
1933 C.E. Commencement of persecution of Jews in Hitler's Germany. Inception of the systematic destruction of 6,000,000 Jews throughout Nazi-occupied Europe.
Nebraska today:

LINCOLN, Nebraska --As a girl growing up on the Winnebago Reservation in northeast Nebraska, Sarah Berridge was warned by the nuns about the consequences of embracing the spiritual teachings of her people.
"I was told I would go to hell," she said. "I was always scared to be an Indian as far as the Catholic Church went. I was scared of my Native American beliefs."
The 44-year-old now is at the forefront of a burgeoning movement to encourage aboriginal Catholics to meld their culture with their Catholicism. She recently served as chairwoman of a conference on the subject that brought together more than 1,000 Catholic Indians.
The annual conference is named after Kateri Tekakwitha, who in 1676 became one of the first American Indians to be baptized into the Catholic church and could become the first declared a saint.
"This conference lets them celebrate their unique way of being Catholic," Berridge said.
Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha

Known as the Lily of the Mohawks, Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha is the first Native American woman and the first North American lay-woman considered for sainthood by the Roman Catholic Church. Doll stands approximately 18" tall. Head, hands and feet are made of a highly flexible urethane rubber that maintains a "skin like feel" and are attached to a soft poly-fil cloth body. All dolls come with a Certificate of Authenticity. Although the stand is not included it may be purchased for an additional $4.50 at our accessories page.

Price each: $ 98.00
Shipping: $ 8.50

To simply say that Catholics have sinned is to sidestep the most important aspect of these sins. What remains important about the Inquisition (and the forceable conversions of native peoples in the New World) is the involvement of the church's authority with these sins.

And thou shalt not make unto thee any GRAVEN IMAGE...
No Priest OR Rabbi would have blasphemed before the Lord in such a way as to call even for the imaginary drinking of blood, or the eating of human flesh.

bow down to any graven image....

St. Francis...ANY Graven Image!

As the Saints go marching on, every moral code, (The Ten Commandments, for instance,) the Old Testament has taught has been deliberately changed so that YOU live in sin every day. Though I do not believe in a Creator who would turn from you for not knowing, it might well be that He will turn from you because you did not search for the truth because you COULD have known.
Crucifixion of the Jew never made the JEW a Christian...and John the Baptist would not have become a non-Jew--- even for a king. He was Nazarite of the House of Aaron, not a Nazarene from Nazareth who was, by Rome's own words, a Bethlehemite, having been born, as Rome claimed, in Bethlehem.
The convolutions that the writers of this tome had to navigate to trace a bloodline back to King David is virtually insane, and cannot be concorded using Joseph, though they surely did try it both ways. If, as later added, Mary was indeed a virgin, they could not have used Joseph at any point.
The real scriptural proof of a miracle birth is to be found ONLY in the Old Testament. It is the documentation of the birth of Isaac to Abraham and Sarah, though Sarah, chosen of G-d to be the Mother of Nations, is given very short shrift in every single Christian Bible I have ever read.

Old Pope

New Pope

Nothing has ever changed. The killing of Jews goes on with Rome's blessing as it has since the days of the Jewish Holocaust begun in Israel by the Roman Empire.