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Sunday, May 02, 2004

Iraq war veteran criticizes Bush on Democratic radio address

Iraq war veteran criticizes Bush on Democratic radio address

Please tell us how it feels to be the *new* John Kerry. The same John Kerry who demoralized so many of his Band of Brothers back in Vietnam? The same John Kerry who uplifted a virulent enemy to be even more rabid against American soldiers causing many needless deaths among those he walked away from? The same John Kerry who accused his *Brothers* of horrific atrocities against the *innocent* Viet Cong who hid among women and children, just like the * poor, oppressed,* barbarous murderers who drag women and children in front of them on the streets of Fallujah. Knowing Americans have a deep and abiding sense of morality, most of our brave military cannot simply take a deep breath and fire on innocents, they save their own cowardly lives and praise the democrats for giving them renewed hope of defeating us.
Please tell us that you don't realize that every time a prominent democrat or a phoney peacenik opens his mouth to declare our victory a defeat, they are well along the way to making it a self-fulfilling prophecy and ten more of your *Brothers* die for their political sake.
Please tell us that you, having achieved the rank of First Lieutenant, are not so stupid and uneducated that you don't realize the reason for shortages of ANYTHING military is directly attributable to the Clinton administration and vaunted democrats whose voice you became when you took to the airwaves and rebuked your Commander in Chief. So nice of you to wait until your service time was up so that those who follow will have it that much harder thanks to you.
Oh yes, you have made quite a splash. Your fellow soldiers who were not availed of a Communist Education at Amherst, who did not spend two years as investment bankers which qualified them to be Platoon leaders, should realize that you are not fit to wipe their shoes on.
John Kerry just might be the foulest politician to come down the pike in modern times, but the republik of Massechusetts has a way of electing vipers out of their midst and foisting them on an unwilling nation...ala Teddy Kennedy, known coward, murderer, womanizer, and drunk. This is HIS life all over again. He betrayed his own brother's righteous war, as did your mentor, John Fonda Kerry, the OTHER cowardly, womanizing sot from Massechusetts, and now they have you. It must be wonderful for John to relive the glory days of The Winter Soldier.
Just as the North Vietnamese remain ever grateful to their willing, stupid, dupes, for permitting them to snuff out the lives of thousands of our fine soldiers, and hundreds of thousands of their own people, so too will the vilest of these treacherous, bloodletting animals remember you with great fondness after they kill your *Brothers,* and should they get the chance, you, your mother, father, your children, and your leftist friends with whom you intend to spend more time back at good old Commie U.
I would pray for the Lord to have mercy on your soul, but you have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that you have sold it for a promise of something more. You won't get it, but Playboy might yet approach you for an interview. Had I been anywhere close enough during that propaganda hit piece on our military and our President to get my hands on you, I would have smacked your smug face until my hands fell off. All we are waiting for now is a new plot between you and your fellow travelers to assassinate Republican Senators to get Communist thugs back in power. There is no question as to what your vote would be.
The long and the short of it is that most THINKING Americans don't like you or your friends. Most THINKING Americans know that your mentors are traitors to everything decent and good in this country and want to see a bloody loss at the hands of evil..all so they might rule. Most THINKING Americans do not take kindly to your nonchalant sacrifice of our brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters into the hands of bloody Islamists, and we will be counting, as we have been counting with every word coming from the left, how much blood will now be on your own hands.

Michael Moore
is a miserable failure.

Al Franken is a big fat liar.

J eff'n Kerry is a lying, miserable failure.



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