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Monday, July 04, 2005


It's been quite awhile since I have updated this blog although my files are stuffed to overflowing with every sort of blather from *science* that I can, or cannot, imagine. This article, though months old, is a longwinded piece of psuedo-science no self respecting, non-deluded, homo sapiens with supposed smarts and beaucoup degrees would embarrass themselves with.
But they did, and I was flabbergasted that they explained in this selfsame article specifically what part a top quark plays in the ongoing saga of creation while simultaneously denying it.
Lord save us from quarter-brained people who have never reached beyond their embedded, encapsulated, (and all too sexist,) rote idea of what their universe MUST be or how life MUST act.
They choose already obsolete *theories* to add even more confusion to the truth, but it is their way, after all. For isn't it absolutely a fact that females are the cause of the termination of life? Why, of course it is. Kind of an odd sort of valentine from the men in white. Duh!
So I figured I'd just keep on going from where I left off. Just read the damn thing and decide for yourself.

New Measurement Undermines Physicists' Theories For Hidden 'Particle-Force'
Rochester NY (SPX) Feb 14, 2005
A new measurement by a student and professor at the University of Rochester has shed new light on the limits of scientists' standard model of physics.
Doctoral student Ben Kilminster and Kevin McFarland, professor of physics, used the particle accelerator at Fermilab to conduct the first measurement ever done with enough precision to discern certain characteristics of how the top quark, the heaviest particle in known physics, decays.
The work is reported in today's issue of Physical Review D. The findings suggest there is no connection between the top quark and the weak nuclear force - an idea that had been attractive because the unusually high and similar energies of the top quark and the weak force's particle, the W-boson, stood out from the rest of the known particles.
A link between the quark and the boson would have strongly suggested that the top quark held a special place in the quantum world, perhaps as a kind of "father" of the weak force, which is RESPONSIBLE for the characteristics of all known matter.
"No one has made this kind of measurement as precisely, and the findings are laying another brick in our knowledge of how the universe works," says McFarland.
"People are trying desperately to understand why the weak force is weak. At the beginning of the universe, it and the force that is responsible for light, among other things, were essentially one and the same; but now, light can cross the cosmos, but the weak force can't even cross an atom. We've come up with a lot of theories as to why this is, but these new findings mean that a lot of those theories are going to have to be crossed off."
To understand the critical connection between the top quark and the weak force's W-boson, McFarland and Kilminster designed a test to measure the top quark's parity.
Parity is a property of quantum particles that describes how they act if their directions in space are reversed, as though they were being viewed in a mirror. Imagine lobbing a tennis ball over the net to your opponent.
You would expect that when your opponent hits the ball back, reversing its direction, that the ball will behave identically--falling to the court, bouncing off your racket, etc. Some particles, however, change their properties when "mirrored."
It would be as if returning tennis balls ignore gravity and pass right through your racket. Physicists discovered, to their amazement, that the reason for this lack of parity is that the weak force only seems to act on particles that have a certain kind of characteristic, called "left-handed spin."
Imagine the tennis ball again, flying over the net, spinning on an axis that's pointed at your opponent, so it appears to be spinning clockwise from your position behind it.
If your opponent returns the ball perfectly--reflecting it as if in a mirror--the direction of the ball has reversed, but its spin will still appear to be moving clockwise as it flies toward you. If you were to point your right thumb in the direction the ball was flying as you smacked it over the net, your fingers would naturally curl in a clockwise direction.
When it returned to you, and you aimed your left thumb in its direction of travel, your fingers would curl in that same clockwise direction, but with your thumb pointing toward you.
Scientists use this as a quickie method to label the spin of particles as "left-" and "right-handed." For some reason, which physicists are still puzzling over, the weak force only ever affects left-handed particles.

How about unnatural? How about gay stuff doesn't do the reproduction thing very well?

McFarland and Kilminster knew that if they could show that the tremendously heavy top quark was left-handed, then the weak force would likely act on it the same way it did to all the other known quarks.
"In our quest to understand the nature of the weak force, physicists have come up with some theories that link the weak force's extremely heavy W-boson with the extremely heavy top quark," says McFarland.
"In those theories, the top quark holds a special place in the universe, including the possibility of the universe being filled with top-quark pairs that create a drag on other particles, and hence give them mass. If the W-boson and top quark were intimately linked, it would have ramifications for all of physics."

Now there ya go. Lesbian Quarks. Ahhhhh. The minds of men.

Measuring the handedness of the top quark with precision had never been accomplished before. Since there is no known way to make the measurement of the top quark directly, the Rochester team decided to look at the particles the top quark decays into.
One of the principal functions of the weak force is to "break down" heavier particles, like the top quark, into lighter quarks from which nearly everything in the universe is constructed. In the Fermilab accelerator, the team let a soup of top quarks decay into their constituent, lighter particles.
Those particles would shoot out in certain directions, based on their spin. Connecting which particles came from which top quarks in the ensuing collision had always been the stumbling block for physicists, but Kilminster developed a program that essentially picked out all the particles that might have been produced by a top quark decay, and statistically figured out which top quark they came from.
The results showed that for the majority of the time, the top quark's decay spattered its resulting particles in a pattern that strongly suggested the top quark decay is not symmetric, and thus that the weak force likely interacts with it in the same basic manner that it interacts with all particles.


The theories that were based on the idea that the top quark and the weak force were linked to each other in a unique fashion were shown to be highly unlikely.

Ya know, this really gets more aggrevating as it goes. But they just couldn't stop trying to explain a natural concept they can't seem to wrap their minds around.

"As it happens, it seems the fact that the top quark and the W-boson have around the same mass may just be a coincidence," says McFarland.
"Models that rely on a link between the two are becoming more and more implausible. The theories are really a last ditch effort to make do with the fundamentally flawed Standard Model of physics. If these theories keep getting disproved, we're going to have to go on to an entirely new model of the universe's workings."

Okey Dokey. Here you have a mama and a daddy alright? The top quark, being the top quark has NECESSARILY GOT to be the male since it is the strongest. It is even referred to as a possible *father.*
Well, I have news for all you big, strong guys out there, males do not naturally give birth. Preformed living things are always female. Even when it becomes absolutely necessary for the survival of a species, males without females develop those dormant female qualities over time and become capable of reproducing without partners. Likewise, females without males. The purpose of the so called *weak force* is to enable the mother to reproduce and multiply.
"One of the principal functions of the weak force is to "break down" heavier particles, like the top quark, into lighter quarks from which nearly everything in the universe is constructed. In the Fermilab accelerator, the team let a soup of top quarks decay into their constituent, lighter particles."
In otherwards they multiply in numbers no one can count. Male and female. Right and left. To CONTINUE.
NOTHING is coincidence.
You see it play itself out right under your very noses and know not what you see, but men, being men, would gag themselves with a spoon before they would ever admit that the male of any species might not control the entire universe, especially ours. Of course that is a misnomer because the universe isn't, and never was, OURS.
These things are as much alive in their respective positions as you and me. They don't need to breathe rarefied air and they don't need you assigning them functions you have neither the wits or openmindedness to grasp. And yet again, how do you go about trying to find out what it might be? Why, you try to kill it, of course.
When was the first or LAST time you saw a symmetrical pregnant anything?
First come the females with eggs, then come the daddies, and then come the babies.
Now I know you will find this analogy a bit too simple for your overeducated, theory-stuffed minds to agree that it could be just that logical, but it is because that is what it is.
Fight it tooth and nail. Fight it like real he-men of science. But remember this. There are worlds within worlds within worlds right here which you know nothing about. And think of all the *top quarks* you CAN'T isolate. They multiply, roam and create universes, and you are stuck with someone smearing charcoal on your microscope eyepieces because it's just so damn funny.
If it wasn't so tragic, it MIGHT be funny. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.