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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


So now you will read another of my personal quotes, one of my favorites at that. My FIRST mother might have been an ape, but my father NEVER was.
Job is the ultimate journal of our birth and the rules which we were supposed to follow and yet we remain blind. Everything we are supposed to know exists right here and humanity has failed miserably to learn. When the cult of science scooped up the building blocks of the universe, the first thing they tried to do was murder it.
It is found virtually everywhere including the farthest reaches of space and under our deepest oceans and yet they continue to peer at it through the lenses in their microsopes and telescopes and have not the faintest idea what they see.
They have seen a wonderland of life, light, and beauty in the deepest oceans where no light can reach. We have oil fields filling up faster than we can pump oil out of the ground. We have a horizontal coral reef that is supposed to be impossible, yet it DOES exist and it was built right under their noses.
It was found on the hulls of spacecraft which were superheated on re-entry. Break open a solid rock and there they are. They live in acid vents. Lava. The Antarctic and Arctic. The moon and Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, Io and Titan with its liquid methane rivers, and beyond. Even the sun is home for them. They ARE the Cosmic Sea. They are the universal body and yet you would commit these atrocities.
Now they have found a piece of debris from the Space Shuttle Columbia at the bottom of the Pacific TEEMING WITH LIFEFORMS THEY HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE.
Oh, my, but science is ALWAYS just shocked and amazed because these minute creatures can become anything and everything, or just float around in heaven all day. And science STILL does not understand that it is CREATION itself they are trying to place in petrie dishes, test tubes, vacuum chambers, and radiation chambers, and trying to murder in any way they can think of. Shock indeed they don't die. The arrogance of man is astounding.
Science honors creation by giving it a "domain," Archaea, and trys to stick it into tiny separate niches where science thinks it belongs.
You could not exist without them and cannot rebuild yourself without them, but since you refuse to acknowledge there really is a power greater than yourselves, they are backing away from you as a people and you are reverting to what you originally were. Knowledge and understanding was yours for the learning, but you refused to learn. You seem to be so illogical and so insane that even the most obvious truths are lost on you.
As we are made up of many things which remain unseen to our naked eyes, thus it is with the Bodies of Universes, and yet it is all ONE...and it began with ONE. Just like your little nanite buddies.
You don't understand time because to have spent so much of it pretending that you were the only lifeform in infinity. How puny you are in the face of that.
If you even want to try and understand that time and space work so much differently than you think, take a look with your own eyes at what has been happening to people all around you since just a few years ago when the earth began moving just a teensy bit slower. Gravity changes occurred. Except for those who are being deliberately starved to death, we have an epidemic of obesity, but you would, or the Communists of Nutrition would, prefer to blame McDonalds'. Taller people are being bent over. People eat far less today than our parents ate in the past, but the metabolism is different depending where you are.
Yep. It's really all because of global warming and overeating.
People, you can NOT microwave the ionosphere the same way you fart in a department store, then turn around and say, "Who? Me?"
What happened then was manmade, an experiment wherein no one knew or bothered to calculate the outcome. So it happened very quickly and there was no time to adapt. Yet it taught no one anything. Still more folly is already in progress with no idea whatsover of the incredible damage it could cause, and not just to ourselves. Just exactly what DOES happen when you try to smash a hole in a comet, in space, without even knowing what it is made of? What IDIOT would even suggest such a thing, let alone try and do it?
Why, us, of course.
How do you teach an unteachable mind? You fill it with THEORY and call it fact. They act on THEORY and call it science. It is GARBAGE. The reason they are doing this is bereft of logic. More on that too, later.
We have also had an epidemic of lunacy, but we prefer to call that brainwashing. Well, just what is brainwashing if it isn't the lunatics convincing other lunatics they're just alright? It seems that far more people have been willing to assume that role and their brains simply could not handle the extra pressure. The change of time and space and all that it comprises has driven you over the edge and your angels have departed.
And now look around you in the short amount of *time* since the earth has teetered once again and speeded up tiny bit this time. I had waited to see what the outcome of this would be and it didn't take very long.
Insanity is indeed on the rise. What was barbarism has reached the depths of animal depravity and you can almost see the regression from man to beast all over the world. I fear that we will pay a mighty price for what we have NOT done with the gift we have been given.
I have watched these past weeks as people aged years in front of my eyes. At first I thought I was imagining this, but it isn't my imagination. It is very real and very noticeable. Call out the tinfoil squad, but let me give you some advice. If you have any smarts at all and a semblance of conscience, look deep, and look wisely and well because there is only escape for a few and it will be the few who can leap ahead in the evolutionary cycle very, very quickly, because THIS is NOT manmade and it is not over by a longshot.
If you would like to try an experiment, grab a sheet of paper and a ton of black lead pencils. Put a dot on the sheet of paper and continue dotting the paper until it is completely covered. Do it again to the same sheet of paper over and over until you run out of pencils. You could conceivably do that in your forever until all the pencils in the world were used up...but the point is, after you have run out of pencils, can you possibly find that ONE dot that you started with?
Then try to imagine infinity.