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Saturday, May 08, 2004


I should be observing a quiet Sabbath today, but the events of the world are at a point now when G-d has called us to join in unison against the evil that is pervading even our air... Sometimes, I'm scared to breathe because I fear their disease is contageous.
But I said it days ago. This *abuse* scandal is most definitely a Clinton hit into far left field. And it will backfire into their smirking faces and shrill catcalls because it seems to me that the divide betweed good and evil all over the world has taken on a physical form that we can no longer dismiss.
Jim Quinn and Michael Savage call Islam a mental illness. It isn't. It is genetic and its basis is in being so inbred that their entire evolution just stopped somewhere in the 14th century. Since then, they have been regressing to the most rabid kind of primal bestiality that even the evil of Hitler cannot compare to.
I read somewhere that Johnny "Mike" Spann's father was outraged by what our troops have supposedly done in that Iraqi prison. Has he forgotten that his own son was attacked by a mob of Islamist prisoners, beaten to death, his body full of bites as though animals had been tearing at his flesh?
Blood sends them into an orgiastic frenzy and anyone who has ever seen it or studied it has to steel their minds to fully comprehend the pure insanity and evil of them all because it isn't abnormal for them. It is RITUAL! I see no innocents any more amongst them. None of their words ring true or sincere.
I am not even sure if they have any idea of what love is but their NEEDS are dark and sinister. Many of the ritual mutilation murders heretofore blamed on satanic cults have been perpetrated by Muslim sects whose religion demands the blood of infidels. If for any reason, Christians or Hebrews cannot at once be captured and the need overwhelms them, they are not adverse to the barbaric murder and mutilation of their own people as is quite plain below.
Islam is a genetic mutation that cannot be overcome with a willingness on anybody's part to try and understand because it is impossible.They step nowhere on this earth that they do not bring with them chaos and catastrophe, evil and mayhem, bloodletting and depravity during which time their numbers have grown exponentially along with their extreme regression, yet still we are expected to have compassion for the innocent?
ANIMALS do not treat each other that way in the wildest reaches of nature.So I ask you point blank. WHERE are the innocent amongst these soulless creatures?


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