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Thursday, May 13, 2004


UPDATE: From AP, East Valley Tribune
    The video is of poor quality, and its time stamp seems to show an 11-hour lapse between when the assailants finish their statement and push Berg down, to when they behead him. That suggests a delay between those two portions of tape posted on the Web site.
The decapitation recalled the kidnapping and videotaped beheading of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, who like Berg was Jewish. Four Islamic militants have been convicted of kidnapping Pearl in 2002 in Pakistan, but seven suspects - including those who allegedly slit his throat - remain at large. AFP
PARIS, FRANCE, 03-SEP-2003: Israeli air force pilot Ron Arad who was shot down over Lebanon in October 1986. Israeli airman Ron Arad, who went missing over southern Lebanon in 1986, is still alive, a commission of inquiry has concluded, Israeli state television said September 2, 2003. JERUSALEM, Sept 3 (AFP) - Israel is redirecting its search toward Iran for an airman who was shot down over southern Lebanon and has become a folk hero in the Jewish state, television reports said Wednesday. Israeli investigators have asked the United States to question -- or allow them to question -- Iraqi former prisoners of war in the Islamic republic on whether any of them saw Ron Arad, whose jet was downed on October 16, 1986.
HAARETZ May12, 2004
Rumors that Arad had been held and eventually killed in Nabi Sheit have been circulating in Lebanon since the late 1980s. Israel, however, believes that Arad was sold to Iran's Revolutionary Guards by his Lebanese captors while still alive, and Israeli intelligence and defense officials said that another purpose of the recent spate of media reports is to try to remove Iran from the picture. Iran is Hezbollah's patron, but Israel believes that it will not give Hezbollah any information on Arad unless it can plausibly deny any involvement in the affair.

Warning. Graphic Video

If I was to fail my own conscience and not point out that I believe the person on the newest execution video is not who they claim it is, and it be found out later, it would be a travesty. If I'm wrong, I can apologize. Remember the Italian civilian the bastards executed? They refused to show it because the guy was defiant to the end. That is what this guy was like and everything I can find out about him points to it. It might have been his body found decapitated, but if it was him, he would have fought them like crazy. He would not simply have allowed them to do this. The guy in this video was like a rag doll. If it really was Nick Berg and they really did find his body, are sure it was him, then where is it, why haven't his parents been flown to identify him, why is this the first we are hearing of it, when we have heard of every one else either captured or killed, and why hasn't he been shipped home in a casket? The father sounds too rehearsed and not nearly as griefstricken as a parent would who has just found out his son was mutilated by savages. Just as that idiot, Reickhoff, who sounded just like Kerry 30 years ago, all of this past month's *revelations* put together smells too much like a friggin' setup. Hillary Clinton was just over to Iraq lately on a *fact-finding* mission. Wherever she goes, hell goes riding with her. Something stinks here. He was tring to find an alternate saferoute out of Iraq the last his parents heard from him. If he was unemployed, he would not have been with an American Convoy. I don't know if the body they found has been positively identified, but I can darn sure see just by the shape of the head that the Nick in the home photo and the *Nick* in the execution video are not the same person. If the body on the overpass hasn't been positively identified, and I've heard no verification that it was, then Nick could be either going through Jordan or heading for Israel for all we know. If he shows up alive, his dad can feign being as overjoyed as he is griefstricken. *(UPDATE: I hear now that the body they found has arrived at Dover AFB, however the father was refused entry to the base. What is wrong with this picture?) First of all, they guy they were supposed to have executed on film was much smaller in stature. That is fairly obvious. I know what Muslims do to so-called *collaborators* which would be ANY Iraqi who cooperated with the Americans at all. It is possible that this guy was a Shaheed, but he looked drugged to the gills. That could be possible, but it seems more likely that the person had been in confinement and deprived for a very long time. The taped execution could have taken place years ago because digital cams today would record the date and time, not just the time. They have no proof for when this happened. The man's lips moved, but he was not speaking the words that were heard. That would also be in keeping with the old video cameras that did not record sounds, only visuals. Something else I noticed, though the video was obviously much older and had to have undergone several editings before they could make a video clip from it, the person they executed never stood up and never moved his legs through anything that was happening. He was sitting on the floor, his legs bent at the knees. They flipped him over sideways and his legs did not flail nor move, he just fell straight over onto the floor. IF it was Ron Arad and he was being held in an Iranian prison, his legs had been operated on so he could not escape. It would also explain the odd clothing and the starkness of the room he was executed in. This film was not shown on any of the Arab TV stations. I am wondering if the Iranians haven't killed two birds with one stone...or think they have. There has been much open talk of late of an Israeli attack on Iran. Israel has been asking questions and could have gotten answers that literally made any other response impossible for them. All the doubledealing that has been going on from every murderous Muslim group along with every terrorist nurturing nation in the entire world, up to, and including, the savage mutilations of Americans in Iraq, has become normal in this abnormal world. Suddenly thousands of photographs (of which only a portion might be actuals,) find their way into American and English leftwing media which sends the planet into an orgy of pity and elicits extreme decibles of screaming rage at US out of sympathy for lying, sneaking, murdering savages, even as the outrageous act of mutilating American bodies and hanging them from a bridge could not even coax forth a tear because the Americans were just paid mercenaries and probably deserved mutilation; as Pat Tillman's family found out rather remarkably, that their son was utterly stupid for being so patriotic and probably deserved to die because he fell for the G-d and Country routine. Until finally, just this past week, Hezbullah, (Iran's hit squad,) handed over a piece of bone purported to be Ron Arad's. The same day that horrific video was unleashed to the media, via the net, they announced they had found the long-lost grave of Ron Lebanon. Yeah, sure. The bone was pronounced a fake today. I compared this video to the one where they actually did murder a Russian Soldier. The two videos were remarkably similar in that the Russian soldier's death was real, and this video looked choreographed to match the torturous nature of the Russian Officer's execution, and time-released at the moment of greatest pressure on Rumsfeld to resign. I think they might well have executed Nick Berg. I just don't believe this VIDEO was the Nick Berg execution. I think he would have fought, and it would not have served their purpose to show a defiant American any more than it served their purpose to show a defiant Italian.

Which one is the REAL Nick Berg?

I do understand the emotion this execution video has evoked, but I have had all day to calm the emotion attached to this. I was on my way to a business meeting when I heard the news. I cancelled out and cried most of the day. I couldn't help the rage, the anger. My best friend was tortured and murdered by these mutants. I know more about Islamic blood rituals than any one ever wanted to know. I've studied them so much I know what they're thinking and that is scarey. If you think the beheadings of men are something, you ought to see or know what they do to women. My friend was Palestinian Christian from East Jerusalem. What they did to her pales in comparison to anything you will ever see on videotape. The up close and personal targeted murders of pregnant women and tiny children is barely scraping the surface. Literally hundreds of thousands of Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and Hindus, and even fellow Muslims who try to move into the 21st century from the 7th century are brutalized beyond belief. Yet we hold America's feet to the flame and expect it not to burn. There is a pandemic of insanity worldwide and it is exactly what George Bush says it is. It is the struggle to the death of good and evil. The longer we refuse to acknowledge this, the less chance we have of survival. The best way to survive is to learn virtually everything you can about the enemy we face and that includes our friendly neighborhood backstabbers who have far more in common with the UN and their own greed and corruption than any of our past presidents either knew or admitted. Beginning with Carter, we became part of them and part of their global socialist movement. We seem never to have wakened from that stupor or the many ways in which our ex-presidents and State Department have plunged us into chaos could not have happened...and our children will/are paying an awful price for our laziness as we waited for someone else to do what needed to be done. No one did. So, this is only one facet of ONE issue out of many that has involved my time and energy, and it has been made very clear to me that silence was much more golden where anyone above me was concerned than the truth. I finally quit. Powell smiles as he twists the knife and people think he is some kind of saint. His smile has become a grimace because eventually people take on the physical attributes of their personality, ala, Hillary Clinton. No amount of cosmetic surgery can help that woman because her soul is black and dead. And she looks it. Everywhere she goes, it is only a matter of a short interval before the horseman rides. One of her secret trips was to South America and suddenly we had Chavez openly declare his allegience to the Communists. The oil spigot was turned off and freedom became that much more expensive. We are a blackmailed nation, and our own representatives do everything they can to cater to our enemies' every whim. Something is way up, people. I smell war, and it is nauseating to think that there is even the slightest possibility we will let our own traitors defeat us. I understand Puff Daddy Powell has been crested. So why couldn't someone have crowned him? Now, what do I care who uses what against us? We either fight...or die.