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Friday, February 06, 2009


Small, but important note here:Life cannot come from nonliving things.
Well, hello and welcome to my first post in nearly three and a half years. This COULD be an update, but unfortunately, I haven't seen anything to date that makes me believe that "astro-science" and astrobiology has progressed much beyond,(or even up TO,) where I left it.
THIS SEEDS OF LIFE, has GOT to be one of the most stupid articles I have ever read, (and I have read plenty.)
Here is a short excerpt:
"Fry says that the notion of eternity was used in the past to promote a philosophy that life and matter were separate unbridgeable entities. However, most scientists today agree that life arose from non-living matter."
It seems as every new discovery of things that I have written about long before science "discovered" them, only confuses and confounds these brilliant and egocentric nitwits beyond belief. If I read one more time that science has to "rethink" its long accepted theories,I will go nuts because even after they do, there are so many idiotic conclusions it makes me wonder how these educated twits ever got a degree in anything but buffoonery.
So consider this an update if you will, but I will be back with some real explanations of real things so far left undiscovered. maybe one of you college students who keep checking to see if there is anything new here will take what I have to offer and run with it.
Who knows? You may become quite famous someday.
So come back soon. What I have to tell you is beyond anything anyone has ever thought...except for me, so far. But if any of you have read what I have written up until now, you know I know things that science has not dreamed of yet.
This blog is an open door to make you think of the universe past man's seemingly chauvinistic and vain "Earth First" terms.
The universe DID have a beginning, TIME did not, and neither have an end. What does science, in all its glory, think ETERNAL is?
AND I will tell you exactly how it began, why, and why we might just be on the verge of creating a new one, even though we will never know it.
Got your attention?
After I tell you, you will say it is so logical you will wonder why no one has ever thought of it before.
The answer, my fiends, will astound you.
Y'all come back soon now, ya hear?