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Thursday, May 20, 2004


Arutz Sheva - Israel National News: "Inside Israel Letter "
The unofficial website of Gush Katif,, received the following letter from soldiers of the Givati Brigade:

Dear Gush Katif residents,
A week ago we lost six fighters from our unit.
During these difficult hours, we were able to feel how those whom we are protecting show their gratefulness to us - by coming to our base to give out sweets, letters, candies, happy drawings from the children, and saying words of encouragement.
No matter what, we will continue to fulfill the obligation that we are fulfilling now, with happiness, for as long as it takes.
We are confident that our brothers were not killed in vain. This is a war that we will win, and the victory will be even greater if we, all of Israel, unite and give strength one to another.
So we just wanted to tell you and pass on the message through you - to all those who took the time and trouble and resources to volunteer for us - thanks very much from the bottom of our hearts! Yours always,
The Dolev Battalion Family, Telzec Unit of the Givati Brigade