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Monday, July 19, 2004

Why We ARE

(Please substitute Hebrew for *Jew.* They are not the same thing.)
About Matrilineal Descent

Many people have asked why traditional Judaism uses matrilineal descent to determine Jewish status, when in all other things (tribal affiliation, priestly status, royalty, etc.) patrilineal descent is used.
The Torah does not specifically state anywhere that matrilineal descent should be used; however, there are several passages in the Torah where it is understood that the child of a Jewish woman and a non-Jewish man is a Jew, and several other passages where it is understood that the child of a non-Jewish woman and a Jewish man is not a Jew.
In Deuteronomy 7:1-5, in expressing the prohibition against intermarriage, G-d says "he [ie, the non-Jewish male spouse] will cause your child to turn away from Me and they will worship the gods of others." No such concern is expressed about the child of a non-Jewish female spouse. From this, we infer that the child of a non-Jewish male spouse is Jewish (and can therefore be turned away from Judaism), but the child of a non-Jewish female spouse is not Jewish (and therefore turning away is not an issue).
Leviticus 24:10 speaks of the son of an Israelite woman and an Egyptian man as being "among the community of Israel" (i.e., a Jew).
On the other hand, in Ezra 10:2-3, the Jews returning to Israel vowed to put aside their non-Jewish wives and the children born to those wives. They could not have put aside those children if those children were Jews.
Several people have asked how King David could be a Jew given that one of his female ancestors, Ruth, was not a Jew. This conclusion is based on two faulty premises: first of all, Ruth was a Jew, and even if she wasn't, that would not affect David's status as a Jew. Ruth converted to Judaism before marrying Boaz and bearing Obed. See Ruth 1:16, where Ruth states her intention to convert. After Ruth converted, she was a Jew, and all of her children born after the conversion were Jewish as well. But even if Ruth were not Jewish at the time Obed was born, that would not affect King David's status as a Jew, because Ruth is an ancestor of David's father, not of David's mother, and David's Jewish status is determined by his mother.

According to everything I know in my soul, this is the ONLY way to be BORN Hebrew. No matter how badly any sect clamors for this recognition, it can only come from HaShem, not from any authority on this earth. Reformers can't change it. They chose to kick back and accept laziness in their studies; chose to accept secular humanism and still defied The Law by claiming to be Jews. Well, Jews they might be, but Hebrews they ain't.
I believe that because all men walk upright on two legs that does not make them human, and history, which is still forming has proven me correct. Man,(many men,) are regressing. They will NEVER be fully human just as the many Jews who would like to claim the Heritage they do not deserve. I am not evil or unforgiving in saying this. The truth is the truth, and as I have said repeatedly, no MAN can change it, though countless many have tried...and failed.